Travelers can earn $300 per flight for your luggage space.

Airmule partners with TSA certified shippers with an expedited courier service.


List your trip and available luggage space.


Receive verified luggage & shipments from TSA certified shippers.


Airmule picks up from you at destination airport and receive payment.

Airmule is made for travelers



Airmule takes traveler's safety seriously.

  • Shipping partners (freight forwarders) are all TSA certified.
  • TSA provides a system to screen 100 percent of cargo transported on passenger aircraft.
  • Airmule also inspects and verifies 100 percent of shipments
  • Couriers can inspect all items prior to travel.
  • All items are insured against loss and damage.
  • Users verify their identity both online and offline.
  • Travelers only receive payment upon confirmed delivery.
Users verify their identity with their passport.
All shipping partners are TSA certified.

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